201 Qality Stainless Steel

 AISI Type 201  (Stainless Steel)


Chemical Analysis   Wt. %

CMax 0.15 

Cr16 - 18 




PMax 0.06 

SMax 0.03 

SiMax 1  

General appearance:


Applications: Affordability is an attractive combination of parts due to the 201 plus good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance properties, used in many different applications.


• Car wheel covers, cast iron.


• Window frames, doors, hinges, roll formed sections.


• Kitchen and restaurant equipment, ovens, refrigerators.


• Food processing and processing of milk and dairy products, beer, wine, soft drink.


• Rail car, truck trailers.


  • Cooking utensils, dishwasher parts, sinks.

Corrosion Resistance: resistance is moderate as 301. Is slightly less.                               

physical Properties


Yoğunluk7, 8 kg/dm30.289 lb / in ³


Mechanical Properties


Hardness, Rockwell B hardness changed Brinell183.


Hardness, Rockwell B hardness changed Knoop203.


Hardness, Rockwell B90


Hardness, Rockwell B hardness changed Vickers193.


Tensile strength, MPa Azami790


Tensile strength, MPa Yield380


Breaking uzaması55%


   in 50 mm


Elasticity GPa Modülü197


Poisson oranı0.29


Charpy Impact


shear modulus


Electrical Properties


Electrical Dirençlilik6.9x10-7W-m


   at 25 ° C


Magnetic Permeability at RT


Thermal Properties


Heat İletgenlik16, 2 W / m-K


112 BTU-in/hr-ft ² - ° F 0-100 ° C, 5.21 W / m ° C at 500 ° C