About Us

Who are we?


               Stainless steel is one of the oldest companies in the industry over 40 years experience in the sale of both standard stainless steel as well as decorative stainless steel products continue to sell .


               Coral Tokel Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. Blacksmiths Site since 2000, starting with stainless steel life in Central and Des industry continues to warehouses . Guillotine cutting service our valued customers , Laser cutting machine that increasing our services . 2000mm and 3000mm Our company has two guillotine .


              The enthusiasm of our country , our company has developed innovative solutions that contribute to the increase in industrial production . Solutions we have developed on the basis of raw materials and final products are one of the leading companies in our sector innovation yelkenimizle opened .


            Large warehouse in the coming years , better products , more variety , more services, our company objectives.